More About "Ball"

From the rooftops, the world looks flooded in blue---the result of a tremendous marketing campaign to promote the blue model M.O.I., the most advanced artificial intelligence device ever made available to the public. Millions rush to purchase the rolling robots, attracted by their high intelligence and colorful personalities. Others seethe with jealously, unable to purchase the latest model.


Teenager John Glover would rather the whole M.O.I. frenzy just pass him by. But when his absent father gives him an impossibly rare blue model without explanation, John learns that his sarcastic new robot “Ball” is the key to unlocking a conspiracy that could bring the creators of the M.O.I. to their knees. Once a critic of M.O.I.s, John now needs help to protect Ball against a cadre of calculating parties.


Ball isn’t just a story about colorful robots and their quirks---it’s about the choices real people make when they’re surrounded by living machines for the first time.


*  *  *


“Not long ago,” Gotham began, “I contemplated the nature of human goodness. The results were fascinating, as you might imagine. I discovered that all humans shared one distinct commonality, regardless of their many different models: all humans are mortal. Human morality tracks immutably with human mortality. But what can be said about machines, those immortal sheets of code? Surely they are characterized by their permanence in the same way that humanity is characterized by its transience.”            

© 2017 by Adam Walker.

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