"Please put your money down and leave."

                              - Ball


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It’s 2039 and Los Angeles has fallen in love with M.O.I.s, intelligent basketball-shaped robots that have taken the world by storm. The whole craze is a little annoying to introverted teenager John Glover until Ball rolls into his life, a wise-cracking robot with a heart of tungsten (and some gold).


But buried deep in Ball’s code is a secret that will send its new owner into a collision course with a host of scheming parties who want the robot for their own gain. Can John and Ball stay out of the crosshairs long enough to answer the riddle that keeps running through Ball’s mind?


Ball is a science fiction novel set in a world populated by intelligent machines for the first time. If you like your robots hilarious instead of homicidal, you’ll love the witty and colorful M.O.I.s. 


Buy Ball today for a front-row seat to the rolling robot revolution!

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Adam Walker is a novelist and attorney who lives in Los Angeles, California with his beautiful, talented, and remarkably brilliant wife (who also wrote this). He lived in four states before the age of fourteen, nurturing a keen interest in writing, music, computers, and technology and relying on his sense of humor to win friends.


His latest novel “Ball” (2017) examines the friction and mutual fascination between the first intelligent robots and a society that never quite seems to know what do with them.

Adam Walker



What Is Ball?

Other than the man of your dreams.

The first generation of robots are for sale in Ball, a science fiction novel set in 2030s Los Angeles.



Welcome to the official site for the novel Ball by Adam Walker, available for your Kindle or Nook today!


Meet Ball, everyone’s favorite rolling robot. He’s got the attitude. He’s got the brain. He’s got total control over the content of this site.


“He’s amazing!” – Ball

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